Chinatown Soccer Club

Life is all about having a balance between things surrounding us. It’s especially hard to achieve a good balance in a place like New York City, where things unfold in a convoluted way. For instance, people get too caught up with their work and hustle they often forget the importance of leisure and vacation. On the contrary, those that go on vacations get anxious about making money right after returning from their much needed break. I doubt anyone has a perfectly balanced lifestyle, but we all need to realize its importance and aim to achieve such feat.

The average age of members in Chinatown Soccer Club is in the late 30s. It’s also good to note, skill of each member is far from the best in the city. On last year’s Adidas Fanatic League, although we didn’t enter the competition with the strongest members of the team, we still lost most of the games. Despite our poor performance, many designers, photographers, artists, and skateboarders from around the world that play soccer, pay close attention to the team. There are many reasons behind their interest. Of course, the fact that CSC consists of many talented young artists, photographers, and former professional skateboarders is one of them. But what I’d like to point out is that members of CSC find their life’s equilibrium by being apart of the team. The positive energy, from the members while they’re playing soccer, is the strongest reason why the team has lasted more than 10 years and is still going strong.

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