Adidas Fanatic 2015

"After stops in London, Tokyo, and Berlin, Adidas Fanatic made its final stop in New York City. The NYC football scene is hotter than ever and the yearly tournament serves as a showcase for the city’s coolest brands, companies, and media outlets to come together and celebrate the intersection of fashion and football.
While many tend to focus their coverage of the event on the troves of trendy spectators, Brooklyn-based photographer Pep Kim chose to shift his focus towards the players themselves ? and creative kit designs from the participating teams. This years tournament featured teams from Ace Hotel, Alife, Opening Ceremony, Momofuku, TheGoodLife!, VICE, and Complex among others.
Kim has participated in the tournament since 2012, as a member of Chinatown Soccer Club, and over that time has become fascinated by the DIY style of the jerseys and the diversity of players seen below."

by Copper Lemon from 8by8 Magazine